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The Perfect Looping Job!

I just recently looped on the “perfect” loop job. What do I mean by this? The loop leaders were rooting for everyone’s success, the actors (fellow loopers) were very giving and the producers, who were IN the session, let us do our thing and let us play. Those 3 things make for not only awesome group walla for the film’s editors to use but just a great day for all involved.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve showed up to a session with a loop leader who’s brassiness really stifles the loopers in the room. If you’re in the looping world already, you can probably think of a few times where you’ve been really uncomfortable the whole time you were working and felt a little uneasy and even threatened. Unfortunately some loop leaders don’t want you to look better than them and like that “air of authority” to be in the room. I personally feel that the more you embrace your fellow actors talents, the more talent you’ll see and therefore the better your loop group performs and looks to the producers, directors, and sound people! This ain’t brain surgery people! We aren’t saving the world either. Yet sometimes you’d think we were with the stuffiness and tension in the room!

I treat looping like improv. I think it’s so much fun to be able to play a large heavy set brazen woman in one scene and then give birth in the next or pick up on a vampire, etc. Who get’s do that everyday? When your fellow actors are giving, it’s so much fun to play during each cue just like on stage improv.

What about the producers? I love the directors and producers that treat looping as a talent. Whenever they let loopers play and do their thing, they’ll get some amazingly funny (or appropriately dramatic) stuff to use. Sometimes the Producers/Director do not even come to the session. I personally like it when they do if they treat the loopers like the actors that were on camera. If they do, they’ll get a great performance from us too!

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